Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Meridian Lee Ethical Design

Today, I'm introducing you all to a brand I recently discovered on Instagram: Meridian Lee. As I sit here typing in a local airport, looking down at my newly purchased duffle bag from them, I'm thinking of the impact their company has had on the lives of countless women who have survived feats I cannot even begin to imagine. Oftentimes, we take for granted so many things that others throughout the world only dream of one day having. I know firsthand I'm guilty daily.

I was stressing this morning because I ruined my freshly painted nails, was in a rush, and had to just remove the polish entirely. Really, Holly? There are men, women, and children around the world, millions here in the United States, stressing over things that truly MATTER. Things such as where there next meal will come from, how they're going to escape the abusive relationship they find themselves in, will they be able to sufficiently clothe their children or themselves as they walk outside on this chilly February day, where they will lay their head down tonight, and so much more. There are so, so many worse things happening to individuals and when I look at that big picture, I feel horrified and ashamed that I was stressing over something so naive and meaningless this morning. 

I say all that to segway into this brand's mission. Meridian Lee helps a group of individuals that have, as I mentioned earlier, been in situations you and I could not imagine. Situations full of not only numerous stressors but situations that have left behind scars of multiple forms. These women have been victims of human trafficking, whether that be for labor, sex, or other means. These individuals have overcome so much hardship, and I'm sure heartbreak, along the way. I praise these women for their strength, their courage, and their willingness to put aside what wrongs have been done to them. They push through great adversity, and Meridian Lee works directly with these women to help provide not only an income, but to help place a purpose and in turn, happiness within their lives. Here is a quote directly from Meridian Lee's mission regarding these incredible women they employee -

Meridian Lee works directly with women entrepreneurs who have escaped human trafficking and other hardship in developing countries.They now use their handcrafting skills to transform their lives, the lives of their families, and to strengthen their communities. Our products are the result of a unique design process: we collaborate in homes and small workshops to choose best techniques and materials with a consistent mission to create lasting friendships and business partnerships. We hope your purchase brings you joy in the day-to-day and a deep satisfaction in the livelihoods it encourages around the world.

I had an overnight duffle bag I'd had for a few years and the strap had recently torn, so I wanted, not needed, wanted a new bag, and upon discovering Meridian Lee, I instantly knew I wanted to help support this company's purpose and mission through purchasing their product and sharing their brand.  They have a wide line of items available, including the duffle shown above, numerous other types of bags, scarves, and jewelry pieces. Every purchase goes towards supporting these courageous women.

The quality of the duffle bag blew me away, and you can see from its design there was truly so much love and incredible handiwork poured into its' creation. It did look a little small upon first impressions, but it held an entire weekends worth of clothing {and yes, I overpacked}, a pair of sandals, and some other random bring along items! My bag is the dune/canvas color and it's absolutely gorgeous, with a beautiful interior brown and gold designed liner. This brand alone has caused me to stop more often, take a look around, and appreciate my "stressful" situations and my life in general, more. Each time I look at my bag, I am reminded of the women who helped create it, and I think of their strength and beauty, and it brings joy to my heart to know that they have overcome something so terrible and still wear a smile on their faces. Next time you're wishing to purchase something new, whether that be jewelry, a new bag, clothing, or more, take the time to look up various brands such as Meridian Lee that give back to a greater cause and are guaranteed to be made by fair laborers and ethical design. Until next time!

Stay beautiful. 
xoxo, Holly 

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