Monday, May 30, 2016

Tamanu Oil Lab Review

I recently had the lovely opportunity of getting to know Jeannine, a fellow green beauty enthusiast, who happens to own her own brand of high-quality, non-toxic, and organic oil blends. All of her oil blends feature one specific oil, known as Tamanu oil. These beautiful oils can double as both body and facial oils, and in my opinion are some of the absolute BEST facial oils I have yet to try within the green beauty realm (& I've tried many). The particular blend I fell in love with is the "TΔMΔNU Calm" blend seen in the picture above! Let me brag about it -

My "cannot be without" facial oil - 

1. It's formulation is impeccable and this oil blends beautifully into the skin without leaving
a greasy residue behind, and it works incredibly well under makeup! 

2. It has an aromatherapy aspect to it that makes the blend perfect to apply in the evening before sleeping (take a minute to yourself, massage the oil into your skin, and enjoy the soothing scents it has to offer). 

3. This oil has an incredible price point in comparison to a lot of others on the market. Her blends range from $28 to $32, with the calm blend being $32 (see coupon code below).

4. I have been using this product for a few months now, and it could not have come at a
better time. I was battling a horrible breakout due to the RMS beauty foundation, it contains coconut oil, and my skin reacted very badly to it. I finally pinpointed the foundation, but by then, it had done its damage, leaving behind some scarring which this oil has helped to nearly eliminate! 

5. I have noticed a huge reduction in overall redness, scarring, and breakouts since I began using this facial oil AM & PM! In the morning, I use it alone under my SPF and foundation, but in the evening, I oil cleanse, follow with my beloved MOSS Skincare salvation balm, and finish off with the calm blend. I can't begin to tell you how much of a blessing this oil has been to my skin! I'm currently using up my second bottle if that tells you anything...

Friday, April 22, 2016

Shop for a Cause this Earth Day

First of all, hello! I know it's been quite a while, things have been a bit hectic but I'm excited to bring you this collaboration with a fellow green beauty blogger, Mollie! I'll be sure to link her blog below, but we decided since it's Earth Day, we would showcase our top 5 companies that give back and help make this world a better place, whether that be humanitarian or in relation to keeping the Earth sustained. You all may or may not know, but I love shopping with companies that serve a higher purpose, and those that help to make our planet better in some form or fashion. The following companies are in no particular order, they're all incredible!

1. Meridian Lee Ethical Design - If you've visited my blog before, you may have seen my detailed blog about this company and it's incredible impact on society. I also did an in depth review of my overnight duffle bag I purchased from them {which I must say is my favorite bag I own}. You can read that post here for more detail, but this incredible company has an array of hand-made products including purses, duffle bags, scarves, jewelry, and more! All of their materials are ethically sourced, made from renewable resources, and their products are hand crafted by women who have survived unimaginable conditions. The women employed by Meridian Lee are survivors of human trafficking and other hardship within developing countries. Meridian Lee enters into these communities, and provides these women with a means of supporting their families and a purpose in their trade. One item in particular that is on my wish list is a bracelet called Honoré Bracelet, pictured below in turquoise {also comes in natural}, and this particular bracelet features a hand carved pendant that is made by women in Kenya, and those women use their profits from their artisan co-op to care for orphans of the aids epidemic in their neighborhood. How incredible and humbling is that? I highly recommend you look into this brand and please consider purchasing an item, regardless of size or cost, all proceeds help these women.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MOSS Skincare Review - Part II

One word - merveilleux 

Photo by Celestyna, Moss owner

Modern Organic Sacred Skincare 

Lately I've found myself caught up in other ventures of my green beauty journey and I've been neglecting my sweet blog, but I am back today to share with you all an updated review on some new products I purchased from MOSS Skincare. Needless to say, I have been just as blown away as I was with my initial introduction to this brand through MOSS's sample kit! If you missed my first review you can find it here.

So as you may have read in my first post, I sampled and fell in love with the salvation balm and beurre celeste, which is an oil cleanser/mask combo. So much so that I ordered full size products of each of those beauties. I also purchased a few new products without sampling them, and I will share these below! {I'm overwhelmed with excitement}

Quick overview of MOSS: this line provides unique
skincare products, many of which are specifically geared toward
acne sufferers depending on your individual skin type. This
line is divided into 5 subgroups -

1. oily, unbalanced skin, blemishes
2. very sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, inflammation 
3. hormonal, cystic, &/or adult acne {my main current issues} 
4. blackheads, congested, dull/rough skin 
5. acne scars, dry, damaged, &/or aging skin

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Meridian Lee Ethical Design

Today, I'm introducing you all to a brand I recently discovered on Instagram: Meridian Lee. As I sit here typing in a local airport, looking down at my newly purchased duffle bag from them, I'm thinking of the impact their company has had on the lives of countless women who have survived feats I cannot even begin to imagine. Oftentimes, we take for granted so many things that others throughout the world only dream of one day having. I know firsthand I'm guilty daily.

I was stressing this morning because I ruined my freshly painted nails, was in a rush, and had to just remove the polish entirely. Really, Holly? There are men, women, and children around the world, millions here in the United States, stressing over things that truly MATTER. Things such as where there next meal will come from, how they're going to escape the abusive relationship they find themselves in, will they be able to sufficiently clothe their children or themselves as they walk outside on this chilly February day, where they will lay their head down tonight, and so much more. There are so, so many worse things happening to individuals and when I look at that big picture, I feel horrified and ashamed that I was stressing over something so naive and meaningless this morning. 

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